Bijans Winebarrel Studio
Bijans Winebarrel Studio
Bijans Winebarrel Studio
B I J A N S   W E I N F A S S   S T U D I O
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     Riddling rack "1-row"

      Dark brown
        Colors: Natural, flamed, oak (+ 10 €)

     95 € / with a VAT Form (exclusive tax)
        Deliefery: Please ask us

The oak for this riddling rack comes from the largest manufactory in Epernay, the capitol of the Champagne region.
Then we cut the wood, color and further handcrafted it  into a unique wine rack. The riddling rack can either be leaned against the wall as decoration or mounted on the wall, thus, the wine bottles can be easily positioned.

- 100 % French oak
- Inclusive mounting hardware

Color options:  Natural, oak, flamed (+10 €)

Height 150 cm, width 14 cm, depth 11 cm, 5 kg

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