Bijans Winebarrel Studio
Bijans Winebarrel Studio
Bijans Winebarrel Studio
Bijans Winebarrel Studio
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Information about me and my company ...
Owner Bijan Assefi

I have been working in the wine business since 1995.
I was producing my own wines in Persian Tradition for Persian Restaurants and Deli's in Europe. Since 2004 I sell French wines, wine barrels and my own handcrafted winebarrel furniture at American installations throughout Germany.

How to find us:
We are located on the main road between the villages Kloppenheim and Igstadt (Wiesbaden).
It's a little industrial area with 3 companies, one of them is Kälte Klima. 3 Flags and a barrel at the gate. You can't miss it. Parking available.
Visits by appointment only.

Follow this sign to our shop
Shop hours:
Tuesday thru Friday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Or ask for an individual appointment.

Since this is a one man‘s business now I ask you to call first to make sure I am definitely there. Call me at 0173 6009540 or Alex at 0163 3977693. Thank you!

We will accept following credit cards:  Visa, Master, Maestro
Please bring a VAT form, all the prices on our products are already excl. VAT.

Bourse aux Vins
Inhaber: S. Assefi
Hinterbergstr. 27
65207 Wiesbaden - Igstadt

Customer Service: 0049 (0)163 3977693  (Alexandra)
Work shop: 0049 (0)173 6009540  (Bijan)

Amtsgericht Wiesbaden
HRA 9008

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